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Introducing LeaveMonitorV4.0

Your online staff leave planner

A simple, effective, cloud-based staff leave planner that is making lives easier for many companies for the last eight years. So they can do more of what actually matters in HR and let LeaveMonitor to manage all types of staff leave, whether annual leave, sick leave, parental leave, sabbatical leave, bereavement leave, compassionate leave or any other types of leave.

Why LeaveMonitor?

Our principle is to offer a leave planner that is easy, cost-effective but cover all your needs.

staff leave planner
Easy access

Hassle-free registration process to get full access to our leave planner without any credit cards.

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Customise the platform whether it is with your corporate logo or company-specific custom leave type,

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Free setup

Full initial setup service of your trial accounts with as many users as you want. Just send your data to our support team.

Leave Monitor
Established platform with competitive price

For the last 8 years, we have supported many companies with their staff leave process at a very competitive price.

Replace complex files and manual systems with our award-winning leave planner - LeaveMonitor

Are you still using excel to capture staff leave? It is time to try LeaveMonitor to improve the efficiency of your company's leave management process.

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Subscription is per active user.

We only charge for the active users. So if you have 37 employees, we charge for 37 users. No other hidden charges.

99.9% uptime.

Our platform has been up and running 99.9% time for the last 7 years.

Responsive Design

Responsive design so works on any devices. Also, our mobile app is coming very soon for both IOS and Android devices.

Simple to operate.

Created with easy to use features in mind

LeaveMonitor Features

LeaveMonitor is full of features yet easy to use. We regularly get feedback from our clients to improve and make the platform more efficient. You will get all the necessary support to make sure our platform fits your purpose.

Multi-Region Setup

Ability to set up with employees in different offices in different regions/countries.

Various Access Level

Ability to set appropriate access level to ensure the correct level of data viewing.


Multi-language means allowing your staff to use the platform in their local language.

Custom Leave Setup

Ability to add as many company-specific custom leave type as you need.

User-level allowance policy

Allows you to set allowance for each type of leave to the individual user account.

Corporate Branding

Completely branded to tie in with your corporate image.

LeaveMonitor is a centralised cloud-based leave planner.

100% Online and entirely paperless, so 24 hours of global access.

  • Data stored in the cloud
  • SSL Secure data to ensure an encrypted connection
  • Created with the latest technologies.
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Leave Monitor
Make smarter business decisions by selecting our award winning staff leave planner LeaveMonitor

LeaveMonitor is built to automate your existing manual process. We are on a mission to eliminate spreadsheets with delightful digital experiences.

Ideal for SMBs

Deliver most of the leave policy requirements by small to medium size business

No minimum employee counts or contract

There is no long time contract. You can use our platform like pay as you go.

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Pricing Plans

We offer the simplest and cheapest pricing model, and we only charge for active users. There is a 5% discount for yearly payment.

Free for 30 days - No credit card required - Register Now
$1.4 / Month / User
£1 / Month / User
€1.15 / Month / User

Price calculator

 0 / First 30 days
 14 / Month
 160 / Year (5% Discount)
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 10 / Month
 114 / Year (5% Discount)
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 12 / Month
 131 / Year (5% Discount)


LeaveMonitor has clients all over the world. See what some of our clients from different parts of the world are saying about us.

Jennifer Longden

Hansteen Group of Companies, UK

LeaveMonitor is a simple and effective leave planner for managing leave requests across the group. With an employee group of over 100 spread across Europe, Leave Monitor has become a vital planner reducing HR administration and queries.

Iulia Fuiorea

Everseen Limited, Romania

Using Leave Monitor made our work exact, transparent and efficient. Our employees find it easy to use, reliable and extremely helpful. Looking back at how it helps us every day, I can’t imagine our HR life without such a useful tool.

Chetan Chadha

IPR Attorneys, India

Very happy to have found Leave Monitor after browsing through numerous complicated leave management systems. It is super easy, needs no training and we were set to go immediately. Customer service is fabulous and we have spent no time on managing leaves since we started using Leave Monitor.




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