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Introducing LeaveMonitorV4.0

A Complete Staff Leave Planner

For small businesses, and self employed persons is often a difficult task to keep track of employees without a staff leave planner because it often takes away a sizeable chunk of time that could be allotted for more important work. That is where LeaveMonitor can provide a great help.

Why LeaveMonitor?

When you use LeaveMonitor, you would find it very easy to keep track of records, and compile data, facts, and figures into easily understandable charts and graphs, which would ultimately help you to to keep a tab on the productivity. Leave Monitor is a feature rich staff leave planner with multilingual and multi region supports, corporate branding, and easy to use interface. Moreover, as soon as you start using LeaveMonitor, you will realize that the system has a positive impact on the employee's morals, which will be reflected in the productivity.

staff leave planner
Easy access

Hassle-free registration process to get full access to the platform without any credit cards.

staff leave planner

Customise the platform whether it is with your corporate logo or company-specific custom leave type,

staff leave planner
Free setup

Full initial setup service of your trial accounts with as many users as you want. Just send your data to our support team.

staff leave planner
Established platform with competitive price

For the last 8 years, we have supported many companies with their staff leave process at a very competitive price.

Are you still using excel as your staff leave planner ?

Regardless of the size of your business and the employee strength, LeaveMonitor – is perhaps one of the best web based staff leave planner that can do wonders. It is time to try LeaveMonitor to improve the efficiency of your company's staff leave planning process.

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Subscription is per active user.

We only charge for the active users. So if you have 37 employees, we charge for 37 users. No other hidden charges.

99.9% uptime.

Our platform has been up and running 99.9% time for the last 7 years.

Responsive Design

Responsive design so works on any devices. Also, our mobile app is coming very soon for both IOS and Android devices.

Simple to operate.

Created with easy to use features in mind

LeaveMonitor Features

If you are looking for a perfect solution to your staff leave management problems, LeaveMonitor is the answer. LeaveMonitor is an excellent staff leave planner that can fit into the requirements of any business regardless of the turnover, the number of employees, or the physical locations of the offices.

Multi-Region Setup

Ability to set up with employees in different offices in different regions/countries.

Various Access Level

Ability to set appropriate access level to ensure the correct level of data viewing.


Multi-language means allowing your staff to use the platform in their local language.

Custom Leave Setup

Ability to add as many company-specific custom leave type as you need.

User-level allowance policy

Allows you to set allowance for each type of leave to the individual user account.

Corporate Branding

Completely branded to tie in with your corporate image.

Being an online web based system, LeaveMonitor helps to perform variety of HR functions from anywhere and anytime

100% Online and entirely paperless, so 24 hours of global access.

  • Data stored in the cloud
  • SSL Secure data to ensure an encrypted connection
  • Created with the latest technologies.
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staff leave planner
Make smarter business decisions by selecting LeaveMonitor

Out there are several online staff leave planner that can help you get rid of the hassles of keeping manual records of employee's leave. Most of them perform variety of other time consuming functions. But LeaveMonitor keep everything simple. Our principle is to offer a system that is easy, cost-effective but cover all your needs.

Ideal for SMBs

Deliver most of the leave policy requirements by small to medium size business

No minimum employee counts or contract

There is no long time contract. You can use our platform like pay as you go.

staff leave planner

Pricing Plans

We offer the simplest and cheapest pricing model, and we only charge for active users. There is a 5% discount for yearly payment.

Free for 30 days - No credit card required - Register Now
$1.3 / Month / User
£1 / Month / User
€1.15 / Month / User

Price calculator

 0 / First 30 days
 13 / Month
 148 / Year (5% Discount)
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 10 / Month
 114 / Year (5% Discount)
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 12 / Month
 131 / Year (5% Discount)


See what our clients are saying about us.

Jennifer Longden

Hansteen Group of Companies

LeaveMonitor is a simple and effective absence management system for managing leave requests across the group. With an employee group of over 100 spread across Europe, Leave Monitor has become a vital planner reducing HR administration and queries.

Sumit Sharma

Urgent Technology

Leave Monitor is the Leave management system that has allowed us to spend more time growing our business now that we are not distracted with managing employees time-off reports. Sales are up and everyone's happy! The support given by LeaveMonitor team from set up has been excellent.

Aleksandra Ilnicka

WEB Rigging Services

Very handy leave planner. Easy and clear to use. And no paper work! The time taken to respond to queries is impressive and often solutions are found immediately. If supports do not have the functionality to carry out a request, they look to implement changes in their next up date. Well spent money.




Happy Users


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