Holiday Entitlement Calculator

Whether your employee works full-time or part-time, starts from the middle of the year, or leaves any time of the year, we have developed a holiday entitlement calculator to find employee statutory holiday entitlement. Please note that the calculator is based on UK leave and time off rules and regulations. At Leave Monitor, we understand that calculating an employee's holiday entitlement can be a complex task, which is why we offer this free holiday entitlement calculator on our website. Our calculator is easy to use and can be tailored to your needs. Simply enter the employee's working days per week, and our calculator will provide an accurate and comprehensive overview of holiday entitlements.

Annual Leave FAQ

What is employees Basic Annual Leave Entitlement Rights?

The employer can offer you more than the minimum right to paid annual leave. But there are some basic annual leave rights as an employee;

  • According to the UK rules and regulation, someone working 5 days a week is entitled 5.6 weeks paid leave. If they work 3 days a week, they must get at least 16.8 days’ leave a year (3 × 5.6)
  • Someone working part time or working 4 days gets 22.4 days
  • In some organization, you start gaining leaves as soon as you start working.
  • With software’s like Leave Monitor, employers can control, accept or reject your leaves.
  • One important thing is, when you leave a job, you get paid for the holidays even if you did not take them.
  • Bank Holiday is also a part of your holidays.
  • You can accrue additional holidays for maternity leaves, but the employer must agree to this.


Are Irregular Hour workers get leave entitlement?

Those who work irregular hours, they are entitled for paid leave for every hour they work for. They employee and the employer can agree to the holidays.


Are Agency Workers entitled for leave entitlement?

If you are an agency worker, if you entitled to normal leave entitlement scheme but the employer and you must be on the same page regarding your leave.


How to caclulate Part Time workers leave entitlement?

The calculation for a part time worker is 5.6x the number of days you’re working in a normal week. For example, if you work two days a week you would be entitled to 11.2 days' leave a year:

2 days x 5.6 weeks = 11.2 days


Can employee holiday entitlement be cashed out?

In some jurisdictions, employees may redeem unused vacation time. However, this is not always the case and it is important to check local regulations and company policies.


What happens if employees exceed their holiday entitlements?

If an employee exceeds their leave entitlement, this is generally considered unauthorised leave and may result in disciplinary action. However, the rules for unauthorised leave vary by company policy and local regulations.



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