Free Vacation Tracker Excel Template

Free Vacation Tracker Excel Template for 2022 and 2023

At LeaveMonitor, it is our aim to serve our clients, potential clients and guests to our website in as best a way as possible. For our clients, we are proud of our wonderfully efficient online system which you can trial by clicking here. However, for those interested in joining LeaveMonitor (and want to see how a vacation tracker can change their HR experience) or those who are just interested in trying something new in their business we have our wonderful vacation tracker Excel template.


Vacation tracking made simple with our free vacation tracker excel template

Vacation tracking can be a real pain. It is likely your business contains a range of individuals all taking vacations at different times of the year – ranging from parents with children in school who can only take vacation outside of term time to single people potentially with the ability to take holiday when they wish.

The LeaveMonitor vacation tracking Excel template can help you with this organisational task, stopping it from becoming unmanageable. This sheet enables you to see very clearly when your staff are going on vacation and will also help you when approving requests for vacation to allow you to ensure not too many staff are off simultaneously.


Click here to download

Click here to download


Using our template as vacation tracker

So, vacation tracking is a challenge most businesses face. Thankfully, our free vacation tracker Excel spreadsheet is relatively simple to use and was designed with ease in mind. The tables contained within are quite easy to understand and fill in and were created with vacation tracking in mind. However, if you struggle initially – that is fine! We have created a guide for anyone who needs it by clicking on this link.


Why is it important to have a vacation tracking system in place?

Vacation tracking is potentially the most common leave issues in the course of a year. Luckily, our vacation tracking spreadsheet is also able to be used in a number of other ways, issuing things such as compassionate leave, sick days for employee wellbeing or even the odd duvet day!

However, vacation tracking can be a mini nightmare if it is not controlled properly. As I mentioned earlier, many individuals in your business may only be allowed to take holidays during the school holidays if they have children. Therefore, it is important, particularly for a small business, to ensure they do not lose a large percentage of their staff over a short period.

Of course, the problem of vacation tracking is not only something a small business may need to encounter and is simultaneously a potential problem for larger businesses (particularly where multiple members of one team may request vacation leave at the same time).


What can LeaveMonitor offer you to make vacation tracking more efficient?


This article has discussed the value of a dedicated vacation tracker and a vacation tracking system – through our downloadable spreadsheet, our online system or just as the fact "vacation trackers make lives easier"!

Our spreadsheet is great, if we do say so ourselves, but is only made for companies with thirty or less employees. If you are larger than thirty, we recommend you give our online system a trial by clicking here. If you think our spreadsheet is efficient, simple and effective you will love our online system which is even easier to use.