Auto Approve/ Auto Authorise any type of leave process

Due to the increasing demand from our clients, we have implemented some new settings that will allow the admin to auto-approve any type of leave. Due to the COVID situation, Work from home is now a new normal. Many of our clients want to auto-authorise the Work from home requests. So the approver/manager does not need to approve the Work from home request.

To achieve this, we have a new function to auto-approve the leave, as highlighted below. The settings to auto-approve any core leave type (Holiday, sick and Work from home) are under the Account settings tab, and the setting for all other leave types are under the "Leave Type" tab.

auto approve1

auto approve2


Once you activate the auto-approve feature for any leave, the system will not send an approval notification to the manager or the approver and automatically approve this specific type of leave request.