Paternity Leave - how to handle it

 Paternity Leave

Having a baby should be a positive and exciting time. This may also be when you have a lot of questions when preparing to become a parent.

You should tell your employer recorded as a hard copy that you expect to take paternity leave no later than 15 weeks before the normal seven day stretch of your childbirth. You must ensure all these points to quality for paternity leave;

  • Have a contract of employment
  • Have worked for your manager consistently for no less than 26 weeks preceding the 'qualifying week', i.e.15 weeks before the anticipated seven day stretch of childbirth;
  • Have or expect to have responsibility for the child’s upbringing
  • Be the biological dad of the kid or the mother's better half or then again accomplice, including same-sex connections, or the proposed parent on the off chance that you are having a child through a surrogacy arrangement.

Your employer may ask you to provide proof of your child’s birth (e.g. birth certificate)

An eager dad or the accomplice of a pregnant lady, including same-sex relationships, who is a permanent worker, is qualified for neglected time off work to go to up to two antenatal arrangements.

The legal amount of time off work that you can take for every arrangement is 6.5 hours, which incorporates travel to and from the arrangement and holding up time. Employers may allow you to have additional downtime than this.

You are entitled to receive up to two weeks’ Statutory Paternity Pay if you:

  • Have worked for your manager constantly for something like 26 weeks before the finish of the fifteenth week before the normal week of labour (known as the 'qualifying week');
  • Are employed to work for your employer up to the date of birth of your baby;
  • Earn at least the Lower Earning Limit for National Insurance purposes which is £118 a week (gross as at April 2019)
  • Inform your boss no less than 15 weeks before the child is expected with the child's expected date, when you wish to begin your leave also, in the event that you wish to require a couple of back to back weeks' leave;
  • Give your employer form SC3 (or their own version) at least 15 weeks before the week the baby is expected.
  • More information available at Parental Leave and Pay

During your paternity leave, your manager has the privilege to connect with you, yet this ought not to be inordinate or intrusive. On the off chance that you wish to get back to chip away at the concurred date, no notification is required.

If you are applying for the Paternity Leave, here is the form for you, Statutory Paternity and Leave: Becoming a Birth parent.


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