Why you should know everything about your Sick Pay Entitlement

Sick Pay

An employee might be qualified for Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) in case they're sick and can't work. They need to have been off work for at least four days straight (counting non-working days).

The initial three days are called 'holding up days' and you begin paying SSP from the fourth 'qualifying day' (the day your employee is normally expected to work). A day doesn't consider a day off in the event that they've worked for over a moment before they've returned home sick.

You may have your own sick pay scheme, which allows you to offer more than the standard SSP rate. On the off chance that you have one, you ought to write it into your employees agreements (plans like this are known as 'authoritative' or 'word related' wiped out pay). You should record accurate detail of your employees’ sickness and their sick pay entitlements.


SSP rate in the UK

The SSP rate in 2021-22 is £96.35 a week for up to 28 weeks for employees who are too ill to work. The SSP rate was £95.85 a week in 2020-21.

You can use a daily SSP rate if your employee isn’t off work for the whole week. The daily SSP rate depends on how many qualifying days your employee usually works and how many days they’re off sick.

You can see the daily SSP rate at gov.uk


How time off sick affects your holiday entitlement

In case you're on sick leave you can ordinarily develop a month's legal paid occasion time, similar to some other representative. Legal occasion qualification is developed (accumulated) while a representative is off work wiped out (regardless of how long they're off). Any statutory holiday privilege that isn't utilized as a result of sickness can be persisted into the following leave year. On the off chance that a representative is sick not long previously or during their vacation, they can accept it as wiped out leave all things considered.

An employee r can request to take their paid occasion for the time they're off worked sick. They may do this in the event that they don't meet all requirements for debilitated compensation, for instance. Any guidelines on wiped out leave will in any case apply.


When do I need a medical certificate?

Your boss may ask you for a medical certificate from your GP when you are on debilitated leave. For instance, you may need to give a clinical testament in case you are off sick out for over 2 days straight. The medical testament should express the date you are probably going to get back to work. In case you are probably going to be off wiped out for quite a while, your employer may require week after week medical certificates.


What happens if I am off sick during public holidays?

On the off chance that you work all day and you are on sick leave during a public holiday, you can become ill compensation or Illness Benefit for the public occasion you miss. Then again, your manager may regard you as not being on debilitated leave on the public holiday and pay you as typical for that day. For this situation, they won't consider the public holiday a sick leave day.

If you work part-time and you are on sick leave during a public holiday, you are entitled to time off work for the public holiday provided you worked for your employer at least 40 hours in total over the previous 5-week period.


What happens to my annual leave when I am off sick?

In the event that you become sick during your yearly leave and get a medical certificate for the days you are sick, these days off won't be considered yearly leave days. All things being equal, you can utilize a similar number of days as yearly leave sometime in the future. An employer can't demand that you take yearly leave on days you are off on sick leave, in the event that you have a medical certificate for those days.

You can develop your yearly leave qualification while you are off on sick leave, as long as you have a medical certificate. In case you are on long term leave and can't take your yearly leave because of sickness, you can convey it over for as long as 15 months after the year's end it was procured. In the event that you find employment elsewhere inside these 15 months, you ought to get instalment rather than the leave you didn't take because of sickness.

You can use the SSP Calculator to work out your employee’s sick pay, or use these rates. You can follow The UK Government ‘’Work out your employees statutory sick pay manually’’ and be updated about the sick pay rates.